Drawing on over two decades worth of surgical experience, our team of skilled veterinarians and nurses will help your furry friend feel better in no time!

orthopaedic vet surgery

Orthopaedic Surgery

From a fracture or broken bone to dysplasia, orthopaedic surgery is the solution to a number of problems your pet may be facing. Many practices no longer provide these types of procedures, and instead refer these cases to a specialist centre – but here at Brisbane Pet Surgery, we can help your pet get back on their feet.

eye surgery in pets

Eye Surgery

If your furry friend is having trouble seeing properly, then it may be time to consider eye surgery. Certain breeds are more prone to conditions such as meibomian gland tumours and prolapsed third eyelids, and our expert vets are here to help them see clearly again.

abdomen surgery in pets


Has your cat or dog has eaten something they shouldn’t have? Foreign bodies can become lodged anywhere in their abdomen, and if they are having difficulty passing it, then abdomen surgery could be the appropriate course of action.

soft tissue surgery

Soft Tissue Surgery

If your pet has suffered a wound or injury and you believe surgery is required, then a visit to the Brisbane Pet Surgery is a must. Our team is skilled in minor and major soft tissue surgeries and can help your pet feel comfortable and pain-free again.

cancer surgery in pets

Cancer Surgery

We understand how traumatic and heartbreaking a cancer diagnosis can be, which is why we do everything in our power to extend the life of your pet and help you create more precious memories together. We offer a wide range of services at the one convenient location, removing excess stresses.

All of our patients receive pain relief and antibiotics (opiates and nsaids). We can also recommend and perform pre-anaesthetic blood testing, which can check the underlying medical health conditions of your pet prior to surgery. IV (intravenous) or SC (subcutaneous) fluids are provided for most surgeries to aid in cardiac and renal (kidney) function during the procedure.

We induce anaesthesia in pocket pets, cats and some small dogs. This allows for a rapid induction and ensures your pet is breathing 100% oxygen from the beginning of the induction process. We have found that the use of this technique prevents apnoea episodes (where your pet stops breathing) during induction and allows for a safer procedure overall – especially in older cats and pocket pets.

We place your pet on heating pads during the procedure and during the recovery period whilst the anaesthesia is finishing, before placing them back in their cage once they have recovered.

Scot Plummer

Meet Dr. Scot Plummer


Since childhood, Dr. Plummer has been passionate about caring for animals, and graduated with Honours in a Bachelor of Veterinary Science from the University of Queensland. He opened the Brisbane Pet Surgery with the aim of making quality pet care affordable for everyone.

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