Soft Tissue Surgery in Pets

Brisbane Pet Surgery offer soft tissue surgeries such as wound stitches and soft palate resections.

Soft palate resection

Soft palate resection

Many brachycephalic dogs can experience difficulty breathing due to their elongated soft palates. A resection is necessary to make breathing far easier.


Q. Do you charge for overnight visits?

No! Our clients and their pets travel from across the state and even from around the country, and we know that schedules don’t always align. That’s why we don’t charge extra for overnight stays. Your convenience is our pleasure.

Q. When will my pet return to normal?

This will vary from animal to animal and will depend on the surgery or treatment plan that we recommend. We are always happy to provide in-person advice, as well as phone and email support following your visit, so you can care for them from the comfort of your own home.

Q. Is soft palate surgery more common in some breeds than others?

Yes! Brachycephalic breeds such as French Bulldogs, Pugs and Boxers (any flat-faced dog) may experience difficulty breathing. If your dog appears to struggle when undertaking physical activity, or even when they are relaxed, we recommend bringing them in to Brisbane Pet Surgery for a check-up.


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