Bladder Stone Removal For Pets

Bladder Stones Romoval

What are Bladder stones?

Bladder calculi or bladder stones are accumulations of salts in the bladder which form “stones”. There are numerous causes but common causes of these “stones” are secondary to high salt/poor diets, genetics where an animal may be predisposed to certain types of stones due to missing some enzymes genetically, infection of the bladder and altered environment leading to increased chances of “stone” formation.

How are they diagnosed?

Bladder calculi can often be diagnosed just via palpation of the bladder across the abdomen, with the stones being felt easily in many cases within the bladder. Where bladder stones are suspected (recurrent bladder infections/frequent urination that is non responsive to medication) but are not able to be palpated, then xrays can usually quickly highlight their presence. An xray of the bladder should usually be able to be performed WITHOUT needing to anaesthetise the dog first.

Treatment options

Bladder stones can sometimes be treated medically through the use of special diets but they are more commonly (and more quickly) treated by surgery and direct removal of these “stones”. These are normally quite quick procedures in most cases, often taking only 30-45mins. Patients are able to go home the same day as surgery.

xray of bladder stones

xray of bladder stones

Surgery cost

Surgery costs $1,700 to $2,200 for bladder calculi removal, plus any charges related to diagnosis, if this has not been performed elsewhere already.

Recovery and aftercare

Care after surgery is as per most surgery, where the dog is kept quiet for 5-7 days after surgery. The main change will be a change in diet where this is thought to be the cause, to prevent recurrence of the same problem.

Bladder exposed prior to incision

Bladder exposed prior to incision

Lola before surgery

Lola before surgery

Ruby recovering post surgery

Ruby recovering post surgery

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