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Desexing for your pet at a great price

Expect the same high-quality care without exorbitant fees.

We treat your pets with both non-steroidal and opioid pain relief, as well as an antibiotic injection as standard – regardless of any price, special offers or discounts.

Whether your furry friend is male or female, the desexing process is uncomfortable. We recommend pain relief for the first three to four days after your pet returns home.

We also offer IV fluids to aid in heart and kidney function during the procedure, as well as maintaining hydration levels both during and after the operation – it may be some hours before your pet is ready to drink again. We also offer blood tests prior to the procedure to ensure the liver and kidney function is normal (and that your pet is healthy on the inside).

Desexing your female pet can reduce the risk of:

  • Pyometra
  • Mammary tumours
  • Metritis
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Ovarian / Uterine / Vaginal neoplasia (tumours)

Desexing your male pet can reduce the risk of:

  • Testicular tumours
  • Prostate diseases
  • Perineal hernias
  • Perianal adenomas

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Dog and puppy desexing in Brisbane

Your puppy can be desexed as young as three months of age, though we normally suggest desexing at six months – this reduces the risk of developing hypoglycaemia (low blood glucose levels) when they fast for their surgery.

Desexing male dogs may help reduce their aggression toward other dogs when taken for a walk, though it will not reduce their desire to protect their home (your property).

Desexing can also prevent testicular cancer later in their life, as well as reducing the risks of perianal adenomas, a common cancer around the anal region in dogs that weren’t desexed. This procedure can also prevent prostatic enlargement and prostatic infections and abscesses that can be common in older un-desexed dogs.

When desexing female dogs, you are preventing the risk of uterine infections when they are older. And, if you do desex your female dog before two years of age, this will greatly reduce the likelihood that she develops mammary gland cancer – a very common cancer in older females who weren’t desexed. This cancer often spreads prior to the time of detection, which is why desexing is even more important.

Cat and kitten desexing in Brisbane

Your kitten can be desexed as early as three to four months. During the breeding season – from September to march each year – your kitten can come ‘into season’ as young as four and a half months, so early desexing can prevent unwanted pregnancies.

We mask-induce all kittens and cats. This prevents apnea, which is a condition where your cat can stop breathing for a short period after being induced with a liquid anaesthetic. We have exclusively used this method for over ten years and, as a result, no longer see any episodes of apnea in any cats or kittens.

Desexing, like in dogs, can prevent testicular cancer in male cats and mammary gland cancer and uterine infections in older females. Desexing your male cat can also make the smell of their urine less strong and more bearable.

Trust the experts

At Brisbane Pet Surgery, we desex thousands of pets every year. With over 45 years’ experience, we are the experts in desexing cats, dogs and other pets – with a focus on animal welfare.

Admission times

Your pet will usually be admitted in the morning (dinner the evening before is fine, but breakfast is to be avoided – though access to water should not be restricted). The surgery will be performed between late morning and early afternoon, depending on the surgeries we have scheduled that day.

Your convenience is our pleasure

If you can’t pick up your pet on the same day, you’ll be happy to learn that we do not charge extra for overnight care! We are also more than happy for you to bring in your pet around lunch time with the surgery performed soon after – and your pet returning home with you soon after that! These are services we are proud to offer for our clients, as the convenience means only one trip. This has been especially popular with our long-distance clients.

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Since childhood, Dr. Plummer has been passionate about caring for animals, and graduated with Honours in a Bachelor of Veterinary Science from the University of Queensland. He opened the Brisbane Pet Surgery with the aim of making quality pet care affordable for everyone.

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