Prolapsed Third Eyelid Glands
Priced from $700 - $900

Prolapsed Third Eyelid Glands

What is a prolapsed third eyelid gland?

The third eyelid gland sits beneath the third eyelid of your dog and plays a role in the tear film that dogs produce to lubricate the cornea. In the event of a third eyelid gland prolapse, you will see a roundish fleshy pink mass in the corner of the eye near the nose.

The necessity of teatment

A prolapse of this gland will obstruct the normal movement of the third eyelid across the cornea. The gland will often become irritated and inflamed and can cause your pet to rub at their eye – leading to secondary infections.

Treatment methods

We treat prolapsed third eyelids by suturing them back into place – we create a pocket in the tissue under the third eyelid gland and close this pocket once the gland is back in its normal position using buried sutures. This keeps it permanently in place. Removal of the gland is an even quicker solution, and though it isn’t our preferred method, it is still an option.

Corneal ulcer in a cat

Corneal ulcer in a cat

Raymond, English Bulldog, 8 Months old

Before surgery

After surgery

Cost of surgery

When referred to an eye specialist, these surgeries can cost upward of $2,000. At Brisbane Pet Surgery however, we perform these procedures frequently, and they only take between 10 and 20 minutes. We charge approximately $700 - $900, depending on whether you have chosen a correction or removal of the gland.

Optional pre-anaesthetic blood test available for all surgeries (additional cost)

Recovery and aftercare

Swelling is common due to the inflammation of the tissue, though this will settle over the week following the procedure. We offer ointment for the dog to help aid the inflammation. No suture removal is required.

Lexi, Rottweiler, 1 Year old - After surgery


Darel, French Bulldog, 6 Months old

Lexi, Rottweiler, 1 Year old

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