Simba the 7 month old toy poodle recovers from a radius fracture


Simba is a 7 month old Toy Poodle who arrived at our surgery after jumping from a couch at home – before suddenly becoming lame.

Our x-rays revealed a break in his left fore-radius and ulna. We admitted him to the hospital before applying a 6-hole bone plate to fix his fracture.

The three images below were taken during the procedure and show just how tiny Simba’s bones were – the screws we used were only 1.5mm in diameter.

This photograph shows an x-ray of the repaired fracture. We bandaged his leg to support the bone while it healed. You can see the Elastoplast portion of the bandage on the x-ray.

We removed the bandage four weeks after the surgery, and the sutures two weeks after that. We captured this video after the suture removal, and you can see Simba walking with ease, just six weeks after the surgery! The cost of the initial x-ray and surgery was just $1205 – this procedure would have set Simba’s owners back $4,000 or more if it was performed at a specialist centre.

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